The Cumulus System is a new, unique recognition technology that is the first of its kind to perform fully automated real-time perpetual inventory for both operating room supplies and pharmaceuticals. Cumulus provides accurate management of the operating room center core inventory, as well as providing automated reports for patient billing, inventory reconciliation, automated ordering, product usage history plus profit and loss statements for each procedure and physician.  The Cumulus System also assures proper disposal and verification of all pharmaceuticals complying with all mandatory DEA requirements as well as new FDA Unique Identification regulations.

Many hospitals run at a deficit that becomes worse over time. One reason for this is over-spending due to poor inventory control and overall hospital inefficiency. Combine that with rising prices of pharmaceuticals and medical materials plus decreasing reimbursement rates, hospitals are taking what could be an important hospital profit center and instead are perpetuating deficit business practices. Hospital management teams must examine and focus on their lack of efficiency in main cost centers, such as the operating room, and determine where costs can be cut through the proper management of operating room center core inventory and providing information for improvement of operating room processes, billing and reimbursement. This has become an area of major focus which has created a need for accurate real time data. With all this in mind, the Cumulus System has been designed to reverse and correct operating room deficit spending by giving hospital management the tools they need for real time visibility of day to day expenditures as they occur while capturing lost billing and reimbursements.

Chornica Medical Cumulus System for Real Time Inventorythrough proprietary recognition technology

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