Cumulus System by Chronica Medical Real Time Inventory Proprietary Recognition

We don’t add to your cost, we share in your savings.




Chronica Medical is dedicated to introducing new and proprietary recognition technologies for hopsital operating room healthcare supply chains by promoting efficiency through automation. With the onset of changing healthcare, lower reimbursement rates and higher costs, new technology is needed to reverse deficit spending. Our focus is delivering proprietary recognition technologies that are cost center specific and operate on a consumptive or point of use basis. Our Cumulus System is engineered to promote employee efficiency through automation, replacing manual and inaccurate processes. It accurately recognizes and reports product usage for all medical surgical product, as well as pharmaceuticals. Automated patient billing, real time perpetual inventory reconciliation, capturing missed charges and improving reimbursement are all done per patient, by procedure and by physician. This collective data from Cumulus System provides meaningful value analysis and specific supply chain visibility beyond current legacy systems. This platform allows Chronica Medical to partner with the healthcare system and share in operational budget savings, minimizing the need for capital budget involvement. Our intention is not to add to your cost, but share in your savings.

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